About Me

Josie May


I am a Certified Love and Dating Coach, trained as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy.



In 2010,  I found myself single and alone with a seven month old baby after my relationship of 6 years broke down.  Whilst the relationship had not been right for a long time, I had continued along, unhappy and settling in what I knew was not right for me.  However, it didn't make things any easier when the relationship ended, I felt rejected and lonely and suddenly like my whole world had fallen apart.  I remember lying in bed thinking that this was it now, I would never meet anyone again.... who would want a single Mum anyway?    I cried so much that there was nothing left in me, I would overthink the relationship and what went wrong. I went through the motions everyday whilst feeling exhausted and alone.  I was convinced that I was worthless, all my friends appeared so happy and in love.  I felt jealous of their relationships and shame that I just couldn't seem to get love right.  

After a few weeks, I pulled myself together and decided to start dating again. I dated lots of men but found it really difficult. Although I attracted nice guys, things just didn't seem to go anywhere. We'd go on a few dates and then things would fizzle out. I would either not be attracted to them or they would stop texting and calling... and completely pull away from me. I was left feeling crappy, completely disheartened and lacking in confidence. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. Why couldn't I meet a great guy who wanted something long term?  At that point, I decided enough was enough, I decided to take a break from dating and concentrate on me.  I wanted to learn how to truly love myself and discover the great things I had to offer in a relationship. During that time, I read so many books about dating, love and self-confidence. I literally devoured every word and I was so determined and committed  to putting everything I learnt into  practice.   As my self-confidence increased, I became really clear about what I did and didn't want in a man.  I thought about all the great men that were single and also looking for love and imagined them lining up to be with me.    Over the coming months, I got out there again with a whole new attitude and a magnetism in my step! I had fun dating, showing off my new found confidence and working out who was the right man for me.    After 6 months, I found the man of my dreams.  From our very first date, I knew that I would marry him  (although of course I didn't tell him that just yet!).  I was positive that he was right for me as I had become clear on EXACTLY what I wanted in a relationship,  He was everything I hoped for in a man, ticked every box on my list and to top it all off, he treated me like a goddess!

Skip forward to today, we are happily married, life is good and most importantly, he still treats me like a goddess!


The thing is, when you know what you're doing, love isn't hard!  I think it's crazy that we grow up never being taught how to date or find love.  It's one of the most important things in life and most people are just left to work it out without any support.

Big, amazing, head over heels love is available to everyone but so many people don't believe it!  That's why I decided to go and train as a coach.  I want to help women to find the love they deserve.  I want you to feel the same way I do, I want you to wake up every day with a man you adore and feel a connection so deep that your soul sings just to be with him. 

Because I've been there and completely transformed my love life,  I want to help you identify what is holding you back from finding true love, to support you to find a new confidence with dating and to have quality, eligible men lining up to date you.  To find out more about my coaching programme and to see if it's for you, click here to book a free discovery call with me.

Can you go on any longer having no success with guys you really like and dating men not even close to the caliber you want and deserve? Deep down you know that things aren't right and that something has got to change.  The Step up to Love coaching programme will completely transform how you feel about love, you will become happier with life, start attracting the kind of men you really want and feel confident about what you can offer to a relationship.  Your whole energy around love will change and that my dear, is when you will be irresistable to the opposite sex and like a magnet will draw in the man of your dreams.  

Now is your time! It's your turn to find love and it only takes one baby step in the right direction and everything will start falling into place.  Click here to book a discovery call and you can ask me all about the 90 day Step up to Love Programme and find out how it can help you meet your soul mate.