More Love

Danielle W, California

If you're wondering whether to try coaching with Josie - don't hesitate!  I cannot thank her enough for helping me to transform into the woman I am today.  When I look back to only 4 months ago, I was in a mess.  I was miserable and still hung up on a man who didn't care about me one iota.  Coaching completely changed everything! My confidence has soared and I started to become the woman I really wanted to be.  Josie helped me to truly love myself and taught me how to make dating fun.  She pushed me to move outside of my comfort zone and six weeks ago I met the most amazing man.  I can honestly say, I have never felt so cared for.  Not only that, since starting coaching, I have had a promotion at work and lost 7lbs - all of which I put down to the confidence and positive attitude that I've gained through working with Josie.

Rebecca G, UK

I was really worried about working with a Love Coach but I knew that something had to change.  I had been single for too long and needed help to turn my love life around. Josie is so easy to talk to, she made me feel completely relaxed and fully understood how I was feeling.  I started making changes immediately after our first session and dating became easier and more fun.  Josie helped me to identify some really negative thoughts I had about love (that I didn't even know I had) and over our sessions, she helped me to understand where they came from which has helped me to let them go.  I am currently enjoying dating for the first time in a long time, I am going out with men who I really like and no longer worry that I'm not enough.

Chloe K, Spain

I signed up on a bit of a whim, I knew nothing about dating coaches, what they do, or how this would influence me.  As someone who is happily single I was curious to see how it would work.  I found my first coaching session with Josie to be very relaxed, she was easy to talk to and related to some of my past experiences.  Josie very quickly identified my frustrations around dating and she uses some very good techniques to help shift your mindset, so that if like me, you find dating to be a chore, you can start to look forward to getting back out there! I am now 'back in the game' after a long time out and I am excited to start meeting new people.  I have a couple more sessions to take and I am really looking forward to working with Josie again.

Hannah C, New York

Working with Josie has given me confidence in dating. It's only been four weeks but I am miles away from where I started. Every week, she gives me homework and doing the work has made all the difference. I know more clearly that it's not about just finding a guy, it's about drawing in the right guy for me. I'm enjoying dating a lot more and I feel more fulfilled as a woman.

Thanks, Josie!