About Love Coaching

Love Coaching with Josie May

If you're ready to find love but you're struggling with dating and just can't seem to get it right, then the reason is because you have unconcious blocks that you probably don't even realise are there.    

Once these blocks are dissolved, love comes easily!

This is why I designed my Step Up to Love 1-2-1 Coaching  programme which supports you to identify these blocks and release them so that you can meet the man of your dreams and live the life you desire.

The thing is, I completely understand as I've been exactly where you are now! Even though you're successful in your career, have a great group of friends, a wonderful personality and look good; you still haven’t been able to find lasting love. 

You're fed up of being the single one when most of your friends seem to be happily paired off.  You want someone to share the little things with... to do your grocery shopping, go watch the latest movie or take a walk on a Sunday afternoon. You want to meet someone who you really click with, who treats you like a Goddess and is great fun.  You're exhausted always having to do everything yourself, and you're ready to share the highs and lows of life with someone you adore.  

You don't really like to admit it, but when you're completely honest with yourself, you want to get married, settle down and commit yourself to one man.  You don't want to feel lonely any longer, instead you desire a wonderful man to share your life with, someone to lean on, who will take care of you so you don't always have to be the strong one.

You can't understand why it's been so difficult to meet someone and although it hurts you to even think about it,  deep down you question if there's something inherently unloveable about you?

I understand because I've been there! I felt so unlucky in love and I just couldn't work out why I wasn't getting relationships right.  I had almost given up on love but I managed to turn everything around!

I made a commitment to change my story around love and to give this goal my all.  I discovered that by working on my negative beliefs, improving my self-esteem and learning a few skills, everything changed!  And believe me, if I could do this then so can you!  No matter how bad it feels right now, you can completely transform your love life!

In 2011, my 6 year relationship ended and I was completely devastated.  My life was turned completely upside down, I was now a single mother to a 7 month old baby and felt completely alone!  I didn't believe that I would ever meet anyone again, I had completely lost my confidence and couldn’t even imagine finding a man who would be willing to commit to a relationship with a single mum.  I had visions of being alone until my son turned 18 and struggling through all those years as a single parent.  I worried that I would never have any more children and that I would be left on the shelf until it was too late! 

When I did start dating again, it was disastrous! Either I met guys that I just wasn't interested in... or I would meet men that I really liked only for them to go cold after a few dates leaving me feeling raw and insecure.

The thing is most of us have never been taught how to date successfully and attract our soul mate!    

After a while, I thought enough is enough! I realised that I couldn't go on like this any longer, I was getting nowhere and feeling worse by the day! I decided that something needed to change and I needed to concentrate on me. I made sure that I was looking after myself and thinking positively so that I felt more confident about meeting someone new. I started to read books and study about self-esteem, love and dating. I literally searched for every expert in the field and devoured each word they wrote. What's more, I committed to making the changes. I understood that I needed to be crystal clear about what I wanted in a man and to make sure I was 100%, I wanted to experience spending time with different men.  

So I started again, and this time round, dating was fun, I was now confident of my worth and went about dating with a whole new set of skills and a positive energy.  I dated all sorts of men and had fun in the process, identifying the traits I did and didn't want in my soul mate.  I went on online dates, had strangers ask me out and met guys when socialising with friends.  I couldn’t believe how many great men there were out there and I got clearer and clearer about exactly what I wanted in my ideal man.

Then one day (after months of dating), I met my love! From our first date, I knew that I would marry him.  I had never felt so sure about a man before but this time it was different ... I knew then that he was the one!  The thing is, I’d spent time figuring out EXACTLY what I wanted in a man and how I’d feel when I was with him.  Most importantly, I’d really started to believe that it was possible for me to find my soul mate and fall head over heels.  So when he came along, I had no doubt in my mind  (although I didn't let him know that just yet!).

And that's exactly what I want for you!  Because you're a wonderful, strong, beautiful woman who deserves nothing less than your perfect man! I want you to meet your soul mate, the man of your dreams, someone who treats you as a Goddess and loves you so deeply that you forget all your past loneliness. I want you to have a relationship where you feel truly loved, supported and inspired to be the very best person you can be.  That's why I created my Step up to Love Coaching Programme.  Click here to book your free discovery call and find out how coaching can help you transform your love life.

Now is your time!

Why wait? 

Do you really want to carry on as you have been?  Having no success with the guys you really like and dating men not even close to the caliber you want and deserve. Deep down you know that things aren't right and that something has got to change.  The Step up to Love Coaching Programme will completely transform how you feel about love, you will become happier with life, start attracting the kind of men you really want and feel confident about what you can offer to a relationship.  Your whole energy around love will change and that my dear, is when you will be irresistible to the opposite sex and like a magnet will draw in the man of your dreams.  Now is your time! It's your turn to find love and it only takes one baby step in the right direction and everything will start falling into place. Carry on scrolling down to purchase my Step up to Love 1-2-1 Coaching Programme and take the first step in transforming  your love life.  This will be the best investment you can make  in helping you to meet the man of your dreams.

3 Month Coaching Package


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Save over £400 with the Pay in Full Discounted rate of £2500

This life changing programme will help you to dissolve the blocks that are holding you back from finding the man of your dreams.  You will identify exactly what you want in a relationship, get clear on your non-negotiables, learn great tips for successful, fun dating and start to feel happier, sexier and more confident .  If you give 100% to this programme, you will transform your energy around love, so much so that you will have selection of quality men wanting to date you! You will become so clear about what you want in your future long term relationship that you won't waste your time on the wrong men, so when Mr Right comes your way (and he will!), you'll be perfectly ready to spend the rest of your life with him!  

My 3 month coaching package consists of: -   

  • Beautiful Welcome Pack
  • 1 x 90 minute Coaching Intensive  ( Online via Skype or Zoom)  
  • 11 x  1-hour-long weekly Coaching calls 
  • Priority email response (So you can get in touch to ask questions, if you're feeling overwhelmed or just to celebrate that you've got a 2nd date)    
  • Personalised weekly action plan to keep you on track and to compliment the coaching sessions.   

Payment Plan available (details below)

6 Month Programme Coaching Package


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Save over £400 with the Pay in Full Discounted rate of £4500

The Step Up To Love 6 month coaching package is designed to not only help you to meet an amazing man, but also to support you to maintaining a great relationship with him.  This programme includes everything in the 3 month package plus additional ongoing support around how to have (and keep) the most fantastic fulfilling relationship.

This package includes Time Line Therapy, one of the most powerful  interventions for accelerating change.

Included in the 6 month package is: -

Beautiful Welcome Pack

Time Line Therapy Intervention (2 sessions totalling approximately 3 hours)

2 x 90 minute Coaching Intensive  (Online via Video Call)  

22 x 1-hour-long weekly Coaching calls 

Priority email response (So you can get in touch to ask questions, if you're feeling overwhelmed or just to celebrate that you've got a 2nd date)    

Personalised weekly action plan to keep you on track and to compliment the coaching sessions.   

Payment Plan available (details below)

Payment Plan


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

There is a payment plan available for clients that would like to pay for the Step up to Love Coaching Programme over monthly payments.  The first payment is taken today and then further payments of £997 are due at the end of each month.

3 month programme = 3 payments of £997

6 month programme = 5 payments of £997

If you'd like to find out more about the Step up to Love 90 day programme before purchasing, please click here to book a free discovery call where you can ask me all about the programme and how it can help to transform your love life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get results?

YES if you will are willing to have a positive attitude, fully commit and work for it.

I will give you all the tools and support you need to turn into a confident, magnetic woman any man would feel lucky to have. If you commit to this coaching programme, you will transform into a goddess that easily attracts and keeps a great relationship in her life.

However, I cannot DO it for you. You will have to move out of your comfort zone and complete the work required. I will give you all the tools and support you need to make it happen for you, like I have made it happen for myself!

Living the principles I now teach to others has made me the happiest and most loved I have ever felt in my entire life. I have a husband who adores me and let's me know this everyday. To be loved by a man who treats you as a goddess is wonderful and you can have this same experience in your life!

Do you have a refund policy?

If you choose to cancel before our first session then yes. However after this, no as I only work with women who are committed to getting results and changing their lives.  Investing financially shows true commitment and starts the process of transformation. Both you and I are protected by a legal contract so you can feel in safe hands when investing.