The 6 Month Love Mastermind


I am super excited to announce that I am launching a 6 month Love mastermind!  

In my time coaching amazing women around Love and Dating, I have found that 6 months is the optimum time for transformation to take place.  When you spend 6 months working on Love... everything changes for the better! I have seen it time and time again with my 1-2-1 clients who have put in the work and attracted their soul mate... and now you have an opportunity to transform your love life alongside a small group of amazing women! 

This intimate group programme will address your mindset about men, love and relationships and provide you with the skills, tools and transformation to attract your soul mate! 

Are you ready to step into your Goddess power,  embrace your powerful feminine energy and attract the relationship you desire?

My 6 month Love Mastermind will show you how to go from frustrated, over-thinking, lonely and confused to living fully in your Goddess power, confidently attracting your soul mate,  

This program is for you if:


- You are ready to make 2018 the year you meet your soul mate

- You want it all in your life... a career you love, an amazing relationship, good health and happiness

- You enjoy a group setting where you can support other women and be supported too.

- You are ready to allow and attract the best version of your life and what you truly deserve (and nothing less)

- You are willing to put in the work, step outside your comfort zone and allow love to happen



The program starts on 1st July 2018 and runs until the end of 2018

Live training / group coaching sessions will take place each Monday at 7pm UK time (EST 2pm, CST 1pm, PST, 11am)

Included in the 6 Month Love Mastermind:

- 3 x Live Group Coaching sessions per month via Zoom.  

- 1 x Live Training Session per month

- Weekly transformational soul work exercises 

- A private Facebook group providing expert support

You will be partnered up with a 'buddy' within the group so that you can also support each other along the wa

Monthly Content


Month 1 - Clear the blocks and make way for love.

The first month of the program concentrates of identifying the blocks that you have in the way of attracting the relationship you desire.  Deep coaching and powerful exercises are used to pinpoint what these are for you and how to dissolve them. 

Month 2 - Join forces with the Universe to manifest your man

The second month we concentrate on raising your vibration, embodying manifestation energy and the Law of Attraction.  You will learn skills, techniques and strategies that will help you to get clear on exactly what you want in a relationship in order to attract this into your life. 

Month 3 - Super Self Love

Month 3 will guide you to a place of powerful self-love and appreciation.  You will learn how to fully accept yourself like never before.  You will explore what makes you feel good, what you will and won't accept in life, you'll get crystal clear on your boundaries and feel utterly confident in your worth.

Month 4 - Date like a Goddess

Month 4 will teach you how to date with the power of a Goddess. You will learn skills for dating that make it fun, have the confidence to get out there without the negative self-talk and stop the overthinking.  This month you will learn how to attract the kind of man that you desire.

Month 5 - Feminine Energy and the Power of Vulnerability

Month 5 will guide you in the power of feminine energy.  You will learn how to tap into this part of yourself that attracts men with little effort, makes relationships more fulfilling and brings a sense of ease to love.

You will also learn about vulnerability and how emotion and feeling in your communication with men transforms your love life.

Month 6 - Magnificent Men

In our final month, we will concentrate on understanding men and how they tick.  You will learn about what men want in a relationship and how their thinking and behaviour is so different from women.  

You will learn about when and how men commit and how to communicate effectively with them so that love comes easily.

Limited Spots available

Reserve your place & benefit from the amazing bonuses below

There are limited spots available for this Love Mastermind and if you want to ensure that you don't miss out... then reserve your spot now for only £197.

The programme is £997 (pay in full) or 6 instalments of £197.  Future instalments will be taken on 1st Month

1st August - 1st December.

Early Bird bonuses available

Free 1-2-1 Coaching Session with Josie (value £250)

We will spend a full hour digging deep into what is currently holding you back from the amazing relationship you desire.  You will go away from this session with an action plan that can be put into place immediately.

Free Man Magnet Training (Value £69)

Free access to my amazing 5 day Man Magnet training.  This is a fabulous 5 day online self-study Course that will guide you how to quickly attract men without making any changes to the way you look.


Reserve your spot now


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This amazing transformational programme is only £197 per month for 6 months.

Reserve your spot now by paying the 1st instalment of £197 and immediately benefit from the bonuses above.  

Following this non-refundable initial instalment to reserve your spot, the 5 x future instalments will be taken on 30th Month (July - Nov)

A pay in full discount is also available below.


Pay in Full (Discounted)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Save £185 by paying in full for the programme and benefit immediately from the amazing bonuses above!

Got Questions?


If you would like to have a chat about the programme before making the decision to sign up... please book a call below

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